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Realist Paintings(438 items)

NOVICA's Realist Paintings Gallery showcases one-of-a-kind and limited-edition paintings from artists around the world who seek to precisely represent the visual appearance of the known world. Discover their unique works on canvas and paper.

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Popular Realist Paintings

The Realist Painting

While romanticism appeals to the emotions, realism was a reaction against its drama. Begun in France in the 1850s, realism grew with the introduction of photography. The realist painting discovers beauty in everyday life, without embellishment and undistorted by personal bias. Realist painters strive for truth and accuracy.

A master of realism, Carlos Morales depicts the people and architecture of Lima. His children's portraits are especially poignant. Azorin achieves a super-realism in his masterful religious paintings while Phomin Singkwang and Panich capture the peace of Thai landscapes. Umnuay's reverent still life paintings depict such everyday scenes as a cluster of bananas or a bowl of water in Northern Thai homes. Brazilian artist Eduardo Marques depicts women with astonishing clarity, his people and portraits faithful as a photograph.

These are just a few of the artists present in Novica's Realist Painting Gallery. We hope you enjoy exploring it!

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